I'm Hanging Up My Hat

When I created Writing for the Soul Workshop™ and launched it nearly 11 years ago, I simply wanted to do some good for change. In my active addiction, I hurt a lot of people -most of all my children. I wanted to show them that I'd changed. And I did.
The program prevented teen suicides, restored families and relationships, paired students with well trained mentors and even put money in some their of pockets. Its impact included cities in Africa, Asia, Australia and throughout the US. All at no cost to those who accessed it or their families.
Looking back at my journey, I can hardly believe the life I've lived. Unless you're in my circle, you probably didn't know that I've helped over 13,000 students around the world and gave away over $2.8 million in programs, books, food, clothes and school supplies. I never gave a damn about profits.
The thing is, I no longer have anything to prove and I feel like my job with the program is done. I've had offers to sell the brand and content, but I can't. I made a promise to all those who submitted their stories for publishing. Instead, TGIM Digital Publishing will continue to carry our books. Through TGIM, I'll continue my work to give away 10,000 books annually to teens living in our deadliest cities. Click here to partner with me.
Thank you to all of you who supported me and my program. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I'm hangin' up my hat with the program, but I'm just getting started in my career as a counselor. I absolutely love it and the company I work for. In June, I'll have the required 6,000 supervised hours and CUE's I need to take the ADC exam.
As a Deacon at New Life Ministries, I'm also busy with my church. See, don't be sad that I'm leaving. It's what's best for me. I did things that my ancestors only dreamed of and now that work is completed ...but not its impact.

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