What I do and the revenue streams that make my life's work possible

My name is Eric Jones, Owner, and Editor in Chief here at TGIM Books & Apparel. I wanted to share what I do with those of you who don't know me. Perhaps, you're someone reading this who is getting to know me and you're not quite sure what exactly it is I do. In any case, I'd really like to share my life's work with you -along with how I'm able to fund it.

As a Recovery Coach and certified Quality Behavioral Health Provider with TGIM Peer Recovery & Wellness, I developed an Aftercare Program for men, women and YARs (Youth with Adult Responsibilities) who don't have a real plan for living their best life once released. The program includes an easy 16-week course to assist them with creating their OWN path. A pathway that works for them. 

I began accepting clients last month. Take a look at what some of my clients have to say about my life's work:

How I Do It

Nothing in life is free. As much as I love helping people, I realized years ago that it takes money to do it. Especially when offering a quality program with the level of support and accountability that I provide to my clients. It's a full-time job and over half my case load can't afford me. So how do I do it?  Well, for starters, I've created three revenue streams to help me be as self-sustaining as possible.

As a small for-profit business doing the work of a non-profit organization, I never want to position myself to have to rely heavily on grants and donations to fund operations. Take a look at the streams I created to ensure money is not a barrier to receiving my services: 

Revenue Stream One: 

TGIM Books & Apparel


Just like our apparel, TGIM offers books that leave the reader feeling good. We proudly offer books by Eric Jones (me), Elsie Varn Harrell and Paul Kurko. Books that are both inspiring & thrilling. You'll be changed after reading them, like the authors that penned them.

All of our books are marked below retail storewide and 100% of my profits help TGIM Peer Recovery & Wellness offer grants to those who can't afford my services. You can help. Support my work by clicking here to shop now. It's a win win hands down.

Revenue Stream Two: 

Peers Pencils & Pages

A happy, healthy, successful life isn’t the result of accidental circumstance; the thoughtful and deliberate use of available tools determine our ultimate outcomes. Like the stories in this book, along with the music and Recovery & Wellness tools embedded within it.

Peers Pencils & Pages is not only a game changer for readers, but book sales also help me provide services as a Recovery Coach to those who can't afford it. Book sales also allow me to give books away to men and women getting ready for re-entry in prisons throughout Arkansas and Texas. Partner with me as a peer supporter today. Click here to learn how.

 Revenue Stream Three:

I Do It For My Peers Podcast

 That's right! I do it for my peers. I love helping people. And I'm especially good at helping people like me who have been impacted by substance abuse, behavioral and mental health.

 Helping my peers is fused into every fiber of the full, rich and meaningful life I enjoy today. I Do It For My Peers Podcast is a safe place for me to share experience, strength and hope through the stories I've collected from those brave enough to let me share. Monthly contributions from the podcast go a long way in helping me to provide grants to those who can't afford my services.  Click here to listen to the podcast.

Why I Do It

I love what I do so much that I don't need an alarm clock to get up for work during the weekday. Perhaps, I picked this habit up while serving in the Navy but I doubt it. Naw, from the time my eyelids splinter open -I'm already thanking the Creator and mentally searching for ways to make the world around me a little bit better. 

I do it because helping my peers is a major part of my own personal Wellness Recovery & Action Plan. It contributes to the full, rich and meaningful life I enjoy today. How's the saying go? "You wanna keep it, you gotta give it away."  Yeah …that's why I do it.

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