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Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

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When Josh Howard, special agent for the FBI, discovers that members of his high school football team are systematically being killed, he wonders if he’ll be next. It’s been nearly twenty years since high school, but someone is sure carrying a grudge. Three of his old teammates were murdered just this past year.

Tru Cochrane is owner and CEO of the country’s most successful online dating service, Friends and Lovers. Blonde and beautiful, she can’t take her eyes off Josh, at the high school reunion where the mysterious deaths of their classmates are discovered.

As Josh struggles to find the link between the murders, no one else at the FBI thinks there is any connection. Were these just random killings, or was there more to it than meets the eye? Will Josh be next? How does Tru fit in? The answer to these questions plus many more will be answered in Shattered Dreams, the third novel in the Dream Never Lie series.

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