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Forgotten Dreams

Forgotten Dreams

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In the searing heat of Florida, a dark cloud descends over a picturesque town. The lifeless body of a young boy, bearing the scars of a harrowing ordeal, casts a grim shadow on an otherwise sunny day. FBI agent Josh Howard, a relentless specialist in crimes against children, is summoned back to the sunshine state to lead a case that tests the limits of his resilience.

Within the local FBI office, pandemonium reigns. Agents, shaken to their core, submit transfer requests in the face of a volatile workplace. The new Special Agent in Charge, Morgan Donaldson, is an uncompromising and stern figure, unyielding in the face of chaos. But the twisted threads of fate soon entangle his own flesh and blood in a sinister plot – a kidnapping attempt on the hottest pop sensation of the era.

As desperation takes hold, Morgan realizes that even the toughest of men must lean on their team. The agents of the FBI must unite to unravel a web of darkness that threatens to consume them all.

This fourth installment in the riveting Dreams Never Lie series will keep you guessing at every turn. Elsie, known for her signature surprises, takes you on a relentless journey where the line between hero and villain blurs. Brace yourself for a finale that will challenge your every assumption.

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