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Once Upon A Summer In KC

Once Upon A Summer In KC

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For the first time ever, delve into the captivating world of Kansas City through the eyes of Eric Jones as his alter ego, ‘KC Storyteller’ in this riveting compilation of spellbinding tales beginning with “Jedediah”.

"Jedediah": Join Jedediah Walker as he narrates the gripping account of his wrongful arrest for a series of high-profile murders. As he races against time to clear his name, you'll be swept up in a head-on collision of justice, danger, and suspense.

"Cain & Abel": One fateful night in Kansas City transforms strangers into brothers. Cain pursues wealth and power, while Abel seeks something far more profound. As their journeys unfold, you'll be left pondering the age-old question: Are we truly our brother's keeper?

"Ego": Antwon's life appears to be the epitome of success, filled with riches and fame. In a startling turn, he discovers that without a deeper connection to something Greater, it's all but an empty bag. Echoing the sentiments of those of us who have walked similar paths.

"The Dance Of The Weeds": A gruesome wave of violence is sweeping across the border that has Joel and Marlon entangled in a deadly dance. As they grapple for control of one of the most lucrative smuggling routes into the US, you'll witness the true meaning of “La Danza de la Hierba”.

Ready for a thrilling read that will keep you hooked from start to finish? Let’s go. It’s summer in Kansas City, and the year is 1996 ... 

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